Behind the Scenes

Due to the overwhelming interest on social media and the repeated requests to write more on this topic, this page is dedicated to Sports Psychology and everything else that isn’t directly related to the game itself, but more to the people behind the athletes.

The Other Side of Football and Fame

If you are still living in a dream world, thinking footballers live the perfect life and nothing can, will or should affect their performances, let’s give you a few real life examples.

Confidence in Sports 

Confidence is a belief and a skill that can be trained. All athletes will go through periods where they lack confidence, some will regain their confidence quickly, others will need help to become more positive and in time regain their confidence.

Focus in Sports

Practice makes perfect, just like technique and confidence require practice and training, focus does too. Each athlete requires a different type of practice, but there are options for all types of athletes.

Posts by Eva McLaughlin (Sport and Exercise Psychology, MSc).
She works as a psychologist and behavioural expert in a variety of sports such as football, rugby, cricket and American football.