About us


Created to cover the Premier League and Women’s Super League, as well as major International Tournaments, Spot-Kick aims to provide information, blogs and updates on all clubs and teams involved.

Spot-Kick Team

Created by Eva McLaughlin, Spot-Kick has united football supporters and we can now officially speak of a Spot-Kick team! Who does what? Here’s an overview:

McL – Creator, Host, Editor, Writer, Graphics

Eva created Spot-Kick, she is the main editor and hosts all recordings, including podcasts and interviews. She writes on, mostly, women’s football, football in general, and covers most general information and profiles on teams and players. She also ensures there are graphics available for all posts. She introduces new writers, and is the person of contact if you fancy joining our team. You can find her on twitter HERE, or fill in the contact form below. Read her story, when it comes to football, HERE.

SN – Editor, Writer, Social Media

Stef joined the team as a writer on the WWC, mostly to cover Germany WNT. It turned out she knew how to edit posts and soon she became a unmissable part of the team. In charge of mostly general information, keeping profiles up-to-date, as well as updates on national teams and the transfer window. Stef runs our social media accounts. If you want to know if your blog can feature on our site, you can contact Stef via our twitter account HERE, or fill in the contact form below.

NW – Design, Writer, Graphics

Nath has helped to design the website, besides that she also writes on the England Women and will write on other international tournaments. Nath is helping to find suitable images for all posts, pages and downloads. If you have any questions for Nath, please fill in our contact form below and address it to her.

MS – Creation, Design, Technical things

Martin is our go-to guy for all technical things, from building the website to ensuring the links are working and that the site is functioning as it should. He’s also helped to design the layout of the site, the logo and will continue to do all that technical stuff in the future (we hope!).


We have a team of 14 writers covering all the Premier League action, 6 writers covering the Women’s Super League, and an additional 5 writers for International Tournaments. If you have any questions for any of our writers, you can find their links under their blogs, or you can fill in the contact form below and we will forward your message.


There are several ways to contact us

Join Spot-Kick UK!

If you want to join our team, please get in touch with Eva or Stef. You can do this via Spot-Kick‘s twitter, or Eva‘s twitter. You can also send an email to us, the quickest way to email us would be to fill in the contact form below. If you want to join our team, please include what you want to do for Spot-Kick, and which team you support/which subject you want to cover.

You can follow our blog by following us on twitter, or pressing the WordPress follow button underneath the page.

Short Questions/Remarks

For all short questions and/or remarks, we would suggest contacting us via twitter, @SpotKickUK.

Longer Questions/Remarks

You can fill in this contact form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you know who you need to address, please fill in his/her name as a subject so we can forward your message to the right person!


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