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After discussing the background story and Cruijff’s own words, let’s look at the reaction of those who matter the most; Ajax supporters. Oh, and they’re furious and call for a boycott.

What happens when you mess with club legends? The supporters get annoyed. What happens if you continue to do that for years? They get furious.


President of Ajax’s supporters club, Daniël Dekker, wrote a statement on the supporters club’s website:

As an Ajax fan, you have to try hard to still make some sense of this all, once you’ve succeeded in that, you can form an opinion on the current crisis at Ajax. And often that opinion will be based on incomplete information. So much has been written and said, once again.

The conclusion, unfortunately, is that our beautiful club has yet again turned into a complete mess, organizationally. The former footballers, the wise commissionaires, directors, advisers and board members, every single one of them has looked in a different direction in their own way. Obviously not on purpose, or consciously. You wouldn’t dare to think that, or would you?

It’s been like this for years. We go from incident to report and it keeps repeating itself. Lack of management, no supervision. Bad contract and agreements. Lack of structure. Despite Johan Cruijff’s plans have been crystal clear for quite some time now.

Hardly anyone learnt something from the recent past. The most shocking is the comment from the managers that “it’s so sad for the supporters when the club gets bad press.” That is the kind of rhetoric the supporters stopped buying a while ago.

Only Hans Wijers and Wim Jonk actually took responsibility in this situation, by leaving and blowing the whistle respectively. And Wim Jonk will soon find out that being right and actually being right according to others have been two completely different things for ages at Ajax.

The management should not have allowed to let it get to this point. Us supporters deserve better. We are absolutely done with people who continuously push our club further down. The solution is actually quite simple. Forget your personal preferences and put your ego’s aside. Choose, together, for the execution of Cruijff’s ideas. As agreed on before. Make sure there is the appropriate structure and responsibilities. Whether Cruijff is in or not: we and our supporters believe this is the way it should be executed.

Make your actions known to you fan base, act upon this with full commitment and hold onto that as a club. Be transparent. Then the management of Ajax will be believable for us supporters again in the future.

Ajax-fan Robert was furious, as he took to twitter:

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Meanwhile several supporters clubs have collectively called on Ajax fans to boycott the first half of the next game:

Us supporters want to make a statement to show we do not agree with the managerial chaos at the club.

Call to Ajax supporters:

After discussing this with Ajax supporters clubs we, AFCA Supportersclub, call on you to leave the Blocks Zuid 1 (South 1) and Zuid 2 (South 2) completely EMPTY during the first half of the next competitive game. To make this happen the entrances to these blocks will be “blocked”. We expect full cooperation from everyone in these blocks. We request you follow our instructions, so that the blocks will be filled during the second half and their won’t be any issues getting in.

This is the only way that we can show that we, supporters, find this current situation completely unacceptable. To use the words of a former footballer: Cut the sh*t out!

Here’s to hoping their message comes across, and that Ajax realise the beauty of the club is partially their loyal, and vocal, supporters core. Alongside the  numerous legends the club gave the world throughout the years.