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So the transfer window is still open and as usual the ITKs (“In The Knows”) flood twitter with their nonsense and fans, as usual, lose their minds when their fantasy information turns out to be false. This has become scene we see every transfer window and it makes me wonder what it says about us as human beings when we continue to fall for the same thing every single time.

It is an accepted fact that we have evolved over the centuries and our level of intelligence has increased during that time to make us the most intelligent beings inhabiting our planet. One of the most intelligent of us, Albert Einstein, defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

Why have we not learnt anything from previous transfer windows? Considering the previous paragraph, I am left with more questions than answers. Are we insane? Are we devolving? or is there another explanation for our behaviour during the transfer window?

I am unable to offer an answer, I’m afraid, however I do make the best of it and propose we all do the same. I fan the flames, adding to the madness and then just watch the inevitable meltdown when an ITK turns out to be wrong. Those who hung on to their every word explode with righteous indignation, flooding everyone’s timeline with their mind-numbing stupidity. The chaos is glorious, an unrestrained outpouring of raw emotions as people breakdown and unleash all their fury in CAPSLOCKED emphasised rants aimed at the ITKs, their clubs, the managers and the players. It is a glorious picture for those amongst us who, to quote Alfred Pennyworth, want to watch the world burn.

To say I enjoy the ITKs activity is a bit of a false truth but I do confess to enjoying the fallout. Therefore, in closing, long may the ITKs live, long may they continue to destroy the lives of the less intelligent amongst us and long may we be entertained by them.

Le Phantom Menace